Parkinson’s Mobility Aid

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Parkinson’s Mobility Aid

Algorithm Development
Software Development
User Experience Design

A wearable device for Parkinson’s patients, featuring specially developed algorithms that detect and manage Freeze of Gait (FoG) symptoms, enhancing mobility and quality of life.







Life impact

Giving Parkinson's patients back their mobility


Significantly enhance life quality for Parkinson’s patients by enabling better mobility through a cutting-edge wearable device.


  • Customising the user interface for Parkinson’s patients
  • Making the device accessible and simple for diverse technical skill levels
  • Ensuring accurate FoG detection and effective response timing
  • Designing for comfort and continuous wearability
  • Maintaining high device reliability and immediate cue response


  • Employed state-of-the-art algorithms for precise FoG detection
  • Implemented an intuitive cue system that responds at critical moments
  • Tailored the user interface for ease and simplicity
  • Focused on ergonomic design for everyday comfort
  • Rigorously tested for durability and consistent performance
  • Product is produced by Vention

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Our collaboration with Vention has been very positive, marked by their dedication and proactive approach. The development journey of the electronics within the product, from start to the production ready end-result, was greatly executed based on their insights and expertise. Their ability to think creatively to find optimal solutions has made this collaboration a success.

Sander Minnoye

Technical Director