Early Product Verification and User-Centric Development. Powered by Wockel®.

Vention develops & produces embedded electronics and software to fast track your product development using a modular platform

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Modular Platform for Series Production

Wockel® is a modular platform by Vention, featuring pre-configured packs tailored for specific product needs. These packs reduce development time and costs by including essential features. For custom functionality, additional blocks can be integrated, enhancing the product's flexibility and reliability.

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Limitless Flexibility
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Enabling sensor & robotics based innovation for companies aiming for rapid market entry.

Sports & Health

Elevate your sports and health products with Wockel®—engineered for connectivity with low power use.

Key Features:

  • Compact
  • Energy-efficient
  • Advanced sensors - accelerometer, gyroscope, temperature, heart rate.

Energy Transition

Transform energy management with Wockel®, designed for digital twin capabilities and remote operations.

Key Features:

  • Energy control via electronics and valves
  • Integration into energy ecosystems
  • Optimisation of energy use

(Agri) Industry

Advance your agri-industrial products with Wockel®—connectivity for efficient management and control.

Key Features:

  • Small form factor
  • Low energy use
  • Onboard processing
  • Customisable integration

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From idea to impact

Co-creating with domain experts to navigate product development with confidence and clarity.

Ideation & Research

Understand the Context

1 month without Wockel®
1 month with Wockel®

We gain a deep understanding of your product or idea and the environment it will operate in, researching all critical factors for success.

Apply Wockel®

Proof of Concept

Validate the Problem and User Benefit

2 months without Wockel®
1 month with Wockel®

We draft a solution outline, defining our approach and validating essential success factors with users and from a technical standpoint.

Apply Wockel®

Prototype 1.0

Validate in a Controlled Environment

3 months without Wockel®
2 months with Wockel®

We design and construct the first prototype featuring key functionalities for validation within a controlled setting.

Apply Wockel®

Proof of Concept

Test in Real-World Conditions

3 months without Wockel®
2 months with Wockel®

Incorporating feedback from the initial testing, we refine the design for a second prototype to validate under real-world conditions.

Apply Wockel®

Design for Excellence

Prepare for Production

3 months without Wockel®
2 months with Wockel®

We finalize product adjustments and set up the production line, preparing for series manufacturing based on prior insights.

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Deliver Your Products

We produce the PCBA or complete product, ensuring top quality through our rigorous quality management system.

Support & Improve

Continuous Improvement

As products evolve, especially those that are connected, we continuously enhance your product based on user feedback and performance data.


Products Designed


Units Produced

300 000+

Lives Improved


Excited Engineers

Foundation of FRANS Prototyping

Vention began as FRANS Prototyping, founded by Frank and Hans. Their journey was fueled by a deep passion for product development and a resilient mindset.

"If it doesn't work out, at least we learned something."

2014 >

FRANS Prototyping becomes Vention

As prototypes evolved into market solutions, Frans Prototyping transformed into Vention, an end-to-end product developer with expertise in embedded electronics and software integration.

The core principles of early customer validation and creative product development remained fundamental.

2017 >

Creation of the Reusable Block Database

Job took the lead over Vention and expanded its capabilities, developing a reusable database of building blocks for customer projects.

This innovation laid the groundwork for what would become the Wockel® platform.

2018 >

Foundation of Wockel® Platform

Vention's growth led to more complex projects and the need for a stronger team.

Glenn joined initially as a sales rep, later assuming overall responsibility.

The maturing building blocks evolved into the Wockel® platform, now central to many customer solutions.

2020 >

Unburden Customers with End 2 End Services

Leendert joined to lead Vention into its next phase, releasing the hidden gems and focusing on growth for customers, employees and other stakeholders.

Vention continues to adhere to its core principles: developing and producing smart, connected products with a user-centric approach, early verification and making real world impact.

2023 >

Sustained Impact and Innovation

Vention will remain active in developing real world solutions together with customers and other partners in strong eco-systems.

Wockel® will remain the fundament of these solution making positive impact to millions of people around the globe.

Future >

Our Vision

Vention aims to make a positive impact on 10 million people within five years, driven by our values.
We aspire to be leaders in smart, connected devices that significantly better people’s lives.

Delivering Customer Value

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