About us

What we do.

We excel in embedded electronics and software.

We develop embedded products by writing custom algorithms that run on custom built electronics, often featuring wireless connectivity and sensor technology.
Primarily focused on Internet of Things solutions and smart and wearable devices, we develop products for many different industries, like the medical, the small industrial and consumer markets.

How we do it.

Flexibility. Teamwork. Innovation.

With our state-of-the-art knowledge and drive to innovate, we will guide you through our tried-and-tested development process: from feasibility study, to proof of concept, to prototype.
If you want, we will also make sure your product is optimized for manufacturing.

Why Vention?

Because we don't just make something for you, we make it with you.

With our deep understanding of embedded software and hardware, we develop products that work, out there in the real world. How? By not just going with any solution, but by helping you discover what it is you really need.
Our people work in close collaboration, combining multiple competences, making sure you get the benefit of our up-to-date knowledge. As your partner in development, we make sure your idea comes to life. By shaping it so that it can be designed, produced and marketed, and is ready to conquer the world.





Your partner from start to finish





The Team


Mechanical Engineer


Software Engineer


Electrical Engineer



System Architect



Go-to guy


Software Engineer


High-level Software Engineer


Electrical Engineer


Operations Manager



Management Consultant





Electrical Engineer


Electrical Engineer


We’ve had the pleasure of working on a variety of different projects. For each project we started directly by taking an idea and then designing, developing, and fine-tuning it into a seamless and elegant end product.


Jimmy Woo

The eye-gazing interactive light installation at the Jimmy Woo club in Amsterdam is designed to encourage movement. A grid of nine heat sensors register the activity on the dancefloor and translate this into a custom light pattern, visualized through beams of LED-lights. We collaborated with Studio OOOH in this project, by integrating the sensors and the control system.


The OWOW MIDIs bring the rhythmic feel to digital music. Using the different MIDIs instruments, users can add effects to their musical creations through bodily expression. We designed the MIDIs electronics and software to be universally compatible, able to be used with many different devices and operating systems with MIDI over Bluetooth.



The Plasmacure PLASOMA is a medical device designed to heal wounds that are or could become chronic. In the electronic pad a cold plasma is created that kills bacteria and promotes wound healing. We co-developed the plasma pulser to be consistent, efficienct and safe to use, taking into account optimal safety measures and medical certification requirements.

Factory Zero

iCEM by FactoryZero is a compact and highly efficient energy module that is easily integrated in existing or new housing projects. With its built-in solar converter and deep home integration, the system is highly suited for energy-neutral projects. We developed an intuitive touch operated display, providing clear power consumption insights for the users. Several sensor modules that are placed throughout the homes, providing even more insight in the environment, are currently in the final stages of development.



Amber is a shared mobility platform for business users, offering 100% electric cars and bicycles through an app that takes care of everything. You use the app to book, unlock, start, park and charge your Amber. As the go-to technology partner, we are continuously improving user experiences through advanced vehicle integrations and ambitious projects.


Often we work on projects with very strict Non-Disclosure Agreements. We take significant care for the secrecy of all of our projects, and employ special secrecy on request.


And many more...


Hélo: almost invisible custom-fit ear buds


Xignal: a smart IoT mousetrap


Focus: Accurate tracking & automated light positioning


Print+: 3D-printed, custom fit headphones

Want to join the team?

We might be looking for you.

Embedded Software Engineer (32-40 hours/week)

Vention is a start-up company located at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, specializing in Embedded Solutions. It is founded and mostly populated by TU/e students, who take on diverse and challenging projects. We are a close, but quickly growing team with skills in Electronics and Software.

At Vention we develop products and solutions for our customers. We work together with them to turn their ideas into physical products. We design most products from start to finish; from conceptual sketches to (mass) production. For our products, we create custom algorithms that run on self-built electronics, often featuring a combination of wireless connectivity and sensor technology. We do this for many different industries, such as the medical, small industrial and consumer markets.

Please reach out if:

• You have a Bachelor or Master’s degree in Electronics, Computer Science or Software Engineering
• You have professional experience with programming in embedded C/C++ (2 years minimum)
• You have experience with software architecture design
• You have good knowledge of digital electronics
• You take ownership within the Software team
• You are pro-active and willing to take initiative
• You are keen to work within a young team of passionate engineers
• You are eager to coach and help your colleagues solve their software challenges
• You have experience with the LPC/STM32 microcontroller families
• You have experience with Git

 Why Vention?

• You get to work within a startup working environment at the High Tech Campus
• No need to bring your own Lunch! We take care of it and we have lunch together with everyone who is at the office
• At Vention everyone is considered as an equal and we expect you to speak your mind. You are free to attend all management meetings and your input will be appreciated.
• You get to walk through every step of the development cycle and see your own designs become reality
• We excel at flexibility. This means you are free to take charge of your own schedule
• Your development and personal growth is important to us. We promise to focus on that
• Be prepared to be tested on your Mario-Kart, basketball and story telling skills during our weekly/monthly/quarterly meet ups

Do you want to be the next Ventioneer and be part of our team that turns the seemingly impossible into reality? Reach out to me so we can have a chat about it!


Call or mail Thomas,

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