VR Public Safety Training

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VR Public Safety Training

Electronic Engineering
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Hardware Integration

Utilising virtual reality to simulate and enhance training scenarios for public safety professionals, including firefighters and police officers, incorporating realistic electronics and sensor technology.







Life impact

Everyday engaging training for public safety workers


A virtual reality platform that can replicate any real-life emergency scenario for public safety training by utilising actual equip.


  • Adapting VR technology to withstand rugged use in training environments
  • Ensuring the realism and accuracy of emergency scenarios
  • Integrating complex sensor technology for movement and interaction fidelity
  • Customising interfaces to reflect real-life tools and operations
  • Maintaining user comfort and safety during intensive training sessions


  • Utilised robust VR hardware tailored for field training
  • Embedded advanced sensors for precise manoeuvre tracking
  • Developed customisable scenario software to match real-world conditions
  • Ensured the VR system is intuitive and mirrors actual operational tools
  • Implemented safety protocols to protect users during immersive training

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Vention has been a vital partner through different versions of our product, including the nozzle, taser, and Walther. Ensuring short communication lines and smooth integration, they provided the product of embedded electronics and software while seamlessly setting up integration with our VR application. With the thorough on-site testing, we are very happy with the collaboration

Emile van der Waaij

Product Manager