District Heating Interface

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District Heating Interface

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System Integration

An integrated heat distribution unit for district heating that controls and optimises the circulation of warm water, ensuring seamless integration between municipal hot water supply and existing residential systems.







Life impact

Centrally distributed heat brought to the homes of many


Transition away from fossil fuels by implementing district heating for improved efficiency and environmental sustainability, with a focus on easy integration into existing housing.


  • Compatibility with diverse traditional heating systems and suppliers
  • Integration challenges with existing infrastructures
  • Need for custom hardware and software solutions
  • Ensuring precise control over heating water flow
  • Adaptation to a variety of residential settings


  • Developed a modular heat interface platform, both in electronics and software
  • Engineered custom software to manage and interpret sensor data
  • Designed a system that dynamically adjusts water flow to user demand
  • Implemented modular components for flexible installation
  • Guaranteed efficient and reliable system performance
  • Continuous improvement with full service to the client

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Our five-year development journey with Vention has been incredibly dynamic, navigating a market that often lacks clear direction on its wants and needs. Despite this challenge, the end result is nothing short of impressive. Vention's professionalism and deep knowledge shine through as they consistently seek solutions to complex problems.

Hans Siccama