Baseball Biomechanics Sensor System

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Baseball Biomechanics Sensor System

Biomechanical Analysis
Performance Tracking
Data Analytics

A dual-sensor system for baseball pitchers to track pitch count and biomechanics, enhancing performance analysis and enabling further optimisation of their movements.







Life impact

Reducing baseball related injuries globally while improving individual performance


To provide an affordable multi-sensor solution that elevates the game of baseball pitchers aiming for peak performance.


  • Ensuring real-time data capture of very complex movement
  • Having the right expertise to analyse complex biomechanical data
  • Incorporating all essential biomechanical data while using just two sensors


  • A very affordable sensor solution that provides the capabilities of an expensive system
  • Measures upper and lower body rotation velocity and separation time
  • Automatically tracks the pitch count and 3D mechanics during complete sessions
  • Data collected provides insights into pitching sessions to improve body mechanics
  • Online platform provides dashboards that help understand workload, consistency, and efficiency

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