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Pillo Gaming Experience

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A unique gaming system using a pillow as a controller, designed for people in special care homes.




Pillo (Hulan)



Life impact

Giving people with multiple disabilities the joy of gaming


To enable everyone, regardless of intellectual or multiple disabilities, to engage in gaming by transforming an ordinary pillow into an interactive game controller.


  • Making a regular pillow pressure sensitive
  • Integrating all electronics while maintaining a small form factor
  • Implementing an automatic calibration function for user ease.
  • Selecting the right materials for the sensor-integrated fabric.
  • Combining rigid PCBs with flexible textile components.


  • Created a pillow with a textile pressure sensor to control games on a connected screen.
  • Enabled Bluetooth connectivity to link the pillow with an Apple TV, displaying the game on a monitor.
  • Designed the interaction so that hugging or compressing the pillow activates the game, allowing for solo or group play.
  • Very easy to activate and use by caregivers, to maximise play time and minimise hassle.

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Our collaboration with Vention has been pleasant, and we appreciate their attention to detail regarding sensor sensitivity. The product development cycle started with research providing many insights and leading to a successful end product. Also now, Vention is quick to respond to any issues with our products in the field.

Arno De Becker

Account Manager, Hulan