Wireless Gear Shifter

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Wireless Gear Shifter

Wireless Control Development
Product Integration
Performance Optimisation

Wireless shifting technology integrated into the rear hub of bicycle wheels, effectively eliminating the need for a front derailleur and improving cycling performance.




Classified Cycling



Life impact

Using technology to maximize every riders performance


Shift gears instantly and under full load across various biking platforms—road, gravel, mountain, and urban


  • Integration of electronic components into complex and small scale mechanical cycling products
  • Precise electronics manufacturing requirements due to small-scale components
  • Ensuring reliable wireless communication under dynamic and challenging conditions
  • Balancing durability and lightweight design for competitive cycling
  • Streamlining user interaction with the wireless shifting module


  • Developed a state-of-the-art wireless rear hub shifting mechanism
  • Implemented a user-friendly Bluetooth connected module at the handlebar
  • Engineered custom components for precision and durability
  • Focused on ergonomic design for ease of use
  • Conducted extensive testing to ensure performance under real-world conditions
  • Ensured certification for global coverage

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